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Posts by Geraldine Rayner

Alberta Infrastructure: COBie Unlocked

With Alberta Infrastructure’s new BIM policy now in effect, now is the time for companies that intend to bid or are working on Alberta Infrastructure projects to ensure that they can meet the new requirements. (Not sure what the requirements are? View them here). One of the major areas of change—and the one that’s been…

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Managing the data side of the BIM process

What is LOD? LOD is a system for explaining and controlling the data and geometry requirements of different objects at different phases of a project to provide clarity and control risk. Commonly known as Level of Development and Level of Detail, it is focused on the needs of design and construction teams, based on an…

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Connecting Data: BIM for the Building Life Cycle

  Helping a design-build company deliver 6D BIM to the owner In 2014 Lark Group was awarded the $17.7 million Aldergrove Border Crossing project. Structured as a design-build project, one of the key deliverables was 6D BIM to the owner.  The owner realized, that for a relatively small initial investment, he could link the attribute…

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Leading Change: Bringing in BIM as an Owner

Leading change is never easy. Leading change when there is no industry standard and there are multiple stakeholders involved is more challenging yet. Below are five lessons Summit BIM has learned from helping building owners successfully implement a controlled BIM process. When we talk BIM, we are talking about more than a building information model.…

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Construction Cost Savings: The Tip of the BIM Iceberg

Getting the best building for your investment; it is every owner’s goal. One we know well. To get the most value from your project and adopting a BIM process, you’ll need to clearly identify what you want at the outset. This may sound intuitive, but we often see projects where BIM is implemented late in…

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Time for a new definition of BIM for Building Owners

What is BIM? Well, it all depends on who you ask. While there are lots of definitions of BIM out there, the practice of BIM continues to evolve and those definitions are not keeping pace. The inherent issue for building owners is, how do you get what you need from your design and build teams…

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Moving into the 21st Century – Science World reaps benefits of BIM

This article originally appeared on June 22, 2015 in the Piling Industry Canada Magazine. The original can be viewed here. Traditional paper-based drawings may be the status quo for many in the Canadian construction industry but some leading-edge innovators have made the transition into the digital world. Building Information Management (BIM) has already taken root…

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Getting Your Feet Wet

3 things a Spec Writer can do, at no cost, to prepare to dive into BIM  1. Download and install two free viewers Autodesk Design Review Navisworks Freedom Both of these software solutions allow you to dig into the inherent data generated by the design side when utilizing BIM enabled software solutions. Design Review –…

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