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Best Practices in Revit Family Creation – Resources


At my last webinar: “Revit Family Best Practices,” I had the opportunity to constructively critique (roast?) the families and modeling practices employed in the out of the box architectural Revit sample project. There are few resources I demonstrated which I would like to elaborate and share links for:

  • Case apps, now open source after their acquisition by WeWork. The tool I mentioned was for renaming families, “Rename Stuff”, although the suite of apps has many more applications that could be useful. At the time of writing the installer is updated for 2017.
  • OmniClass beta is a website that has a powerful search when you are not sure where within the various layers of OmniClass a particular object should be. It allows you to narrow to a specific table (23 for the purposes of the webinar).
  • OmniClass update. This link explains how to update to the latest OmniClass taxonomy file. Unfortunately, it has to be done on each machine running Revit, although, surely an IT whiz can automate it.
  • Dynamo Check if Elements are Inplace (In-place Families) This link shows the bakery (by Luke Johnson) package which is available in Dynamo through the package manager (although to install, you may have to first uninstall a few other packages that come with it. As an aside, I think this is the only reason this package is so poorly rated because it actually has a lot of useful nodes). This particular node is a single-node full implementation using a previously developed Clockwork package which first provided a node to check individual families for whether they were in-place or not. This greatly simplifies the old process of clicking on an individual instance and seeing in the Edit In-Place button was available or not.

Watch a recording of the presentation here.

That is it for now. As mentioned, our YouTube channel and blog has a few webinars and posts by our team that dig deeper into a few topics.

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