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BIM for the Building Lifecycle

CanBIM Owners Symposium

CanBIM Owners Symposium

Geraldine will be attending the Owners Symposium at CanBIM Toronto, September 25th, 2019. CanBIMAgenda CanBIM event page


Reporting the Type ID of an Element in Revit as a Project Parameter Using Dynamo

The Revit interface provides a button to report the ID of the selected element accessible under Manage tab -> Inquiry panel. However, the Type ID is not directly accessible. If we select in the Project Browser a specific Type or Family, an ID is provided but it is not the type or family ID. We…


Summit to host Owner’s workshop at CanBIM’s Regional Session in Calgary

Summit BIM’s director Geraldine Rayner and Summit’s President Bob Heyman will host a workshop for Building Owners at the CanBIM Regional Session in Calgary on June 28 – 29. A two-day jam packed event, CanBIM provides valuable insights into the latest in Building Information Modelling in Canada. Utilizing lessons learned over 30-years in the AEC…


Purge Unused Text Types

Deleting unused text types in Revit can be a real pain. Purging does not always successfully delete text types that aren’t used, so what do we do? You guessed it: Dynamo to the rescue. In a recent project, we used dynamo to try and find where rogue text types were being used. The advantage of…


Best Practices in Revit Family Creation – Resources

At my last webinar: “Revit Family Best Practices,” I had the opportunity to constructively critique (roast?) the families and modeling practices employed in the out of the box architectural Revit sample project. There are few resources I demonstrated which I would like to elaborate and share links for: Case apps, now open source after their…


Upcoming: Geraldine Rayner presents at BUILDEX Vancouver

Geraldine Rayner, Summit BIM Director will discuss what the goals of following a BIM process from an Owner’s perspective are, and what in turn, this means for the AEC industry. With more the 30 years of experience in the AEC industry, 10 years committed to the direct application of BIM, Geraldine has the experience and…


Geraldine Rayner Presents: Owners’ New Expectations at CanBIM

Congratulations to Geraldine Rayner, Director, Summit BIM who presented with Larry Harder, Director of Capital Projects, Fraser Health Authority on the changing nature of owners’ expectations at the CanBIM – Vancouver Regional Session. The presentation looked at how Fraser Health moved beyond the 3D model to structured data that could be used throughout the building…

Dynamo, Revised(1)

[Watch] Dynamo, Revised

The development of Dynamo continues accelerating, becoming an integral part of Revit. Edwin Guerra, Summit’s resident Dynamo expert, reviews what changed in Dynamo in 2016. This video highlights the exciting new possibilities Dynamo offers, including: Direct manipulation – push pull functionality; Improved list management – improved interpretation of node data types; and, Direct shape enhancement…


Dynamo Delete Node

After careful inspection of the out of the box nodes available in Dynamo, many users wonder why there isn’t a delete node included. Perhaps, it was too risky for Autodesk to take any liability for the accidental deletion of hundreds of elements. Luckily, there are a few custom nodes available which accomplish the deletion task.…


Connecting Data: BIM for the Building Life Cycle

  Helping a design-build company deliver 6D BIM to the owner In 2014 Lark Group was awarded the $17.7 million Aldergrove Border Crossing project. Structured as a design-build project, one of the key deliverables was 6D BIM to the owner.  The owner realized, that for a relatively small initial investment, he could link the attribute…

BIM Requires New Thinking

BIM Requires New Thinking

This article was written by Geraldine Rayner for the Winter 2016 issue of Plumbing & Mechanical. View the original here. Once upon a time, design consultants would generate  design  documents by drawing on trace and Mylar, the equivalent of driving a horse and buggy on the road. Then along came ‘Computer Aided Drafting’ (CAD)  which…


[Watch] 5 BIM Metrics for Owners

BIM authoring and review tools have been adopted and used by Designers and Contractors. Building owners are beginning to recognize new opportunities that result from implementing a BIM process. By using just five simple metrics, building owners can realize a significant process improvement that will help them reduce risk and operate their buildings better and…

BIM Metrics Webinar

BIM Metrics for Owners – References

In my recent webinar, I outlined five simple metrics that can help building owners better prepare and implement BIM requirements and workflows as an organization. A few links of interest which were mentioned during the webinar are included below for reference. I mentioned WeWork, a co-working startup who has focused on model-centric workflows augmented with real time…


Leading Change: Bringing in BIM as an Owner

Leading change is never easy. Leading change when there is no industry standard and there are multiple stakeholders involved is more challenging yet. Below are five lessons Summit BIM has learned from helping building owners successfully implement a controlled BIM process. When we talk BIM, we are talking about more than a building information model.…

construction cost savings_featureimage

Construction Cost Savings: The Tip of the BIM Iceberg

Getting the best building for your investment; it is every owner’s goal. One we know well. To get the most value from your project and adopting a BIM process, you’ll need to clearly identify what you want at the outset. This may sound intuitive, but we often see projects where BIM is implemented late in…

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