Summit BIM helps you create your BIM strategy, manage your processes, and collect the asset data you need to meet your business goals.

Unlock the value of your BIM data

At Summit BIM, we’re changing the way that owners, architects, engineers, and contractors think about building data. Backed by 10 years of experience, we have developed strategies, processes, and tools that any firm can use to improve project quality, reduce rework, and gain insight into their facility.

Let us help you transform the way you work

Summit BIM can help you with every step of your digital transformation journey. 

Develop a BIM strategy that creates information for the life cycle of your building.

  • BIM Strategy
  • BIM Standards
  • Project Execution Plan (PEP)

Get the outcomes you expect with a tailored approach to your BIM implementation.

  • BIM Project Management
  • Project Mentoring
  • BIM Compliance Audits

Gather all the information you need to operate your facility in a collaborative, proven process.

  • Data Workflows
  • QA/QC
  • Asset Registry

Connect BIM models with asset data and documents from the field and transform handover.

  • Common Data Environment
  • Dashboards
  • Transfer to FMO

“To many people, Building Information Modeling is synonymous with 3D modeling. But BIM goes deeper. Like an iceberg, 90% of the true value lies below the surface in the data that drives the process. Exposing and using this data allows BIM to reach its full potential.”


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