Save construction costs and time

Transform your business with BIM processes that help you continue to grow.

Save construction costs and time

Transform your business with BIM processes that help you continue to grow.

BIM Services for Construction

While the construction industry has changed significantly over the past few decades, implementing a streamlined BIM process remains an opportunity for most construction firms. At Summit BIM, our team of experts accompanies you at every stage of your BIM journey to define how a BIM process will create value for your firm and establish the needed processes and technology changes to support it.

Set up data-driven, digital processes

Stop solving the same problems over and over. Set up common standards and processes to improve project quality, ensure accuracy, and strengthen collaboration between project team members.

Meet the BIM deliverable without confusion

Make sure your construction team has clarity from the get-go. Clearly defined Data and Geometry Specifications (DGS) that meet ISO 19650 standards set the stage for work, reduce risk, and keep your team in compliance with contractual obligations.

Deliver high quality

Improve project quality with a proven QA/QC process. Ongoing data audits give your team and the owner confidence that the data is accurate, appropriate in its level of detail, and can be trusted.

Trusted by industry leaders

Don't duplicate or lose information

Summit BIM’s centralized common data environment – BIMFMi – makes collecting asset information ridiculously easy.  You'll know at a glance what data is needed, how important it is, and how complete it is without the headache of spreadsheets.


BIM FMi interface shown on an open laptop

Easily enter data and documents

Allow any team member to add to the building data set – no BIM expertise required! Make it easy for your team to focus on what they need to do by showing them only the data and documents they are responsible for.

Make handover a breeze

Categorization of asset data in BIMFMi is made with handover to facilities maintenance and operations in mind, so it’s easy for you to transfer data to the owner. At handover, you have all the information to meet an ISO 19650 or COBie requirement without further complexity.

Get the whole

Keep an eye on your team’s progress. Real-time dashboards allow you to view the build-up of data, spot potential problems before they cost you, and keep work on track, all with minimal effort.

Be more competitive

Are you looking to take the lead? Deploying BIM provides a technical advantage as well as a competitive edge. From reducing change orders to allowing project visualization before construction, BIM provides you with an increasing advantage.


“Summit BIM’s FMi is a powerful tool allowing us to access the datasets throughout the construction phase so we can monitor progress. With FMi and BIM in place, we save hours, effort, and costs by avoiding manual data collection.”


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