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Carleton University selects Summit BIM to develop BIM Specifications


Summit BIM is pleased to begin work with the Carleton University to develop BIM specifications for their future construction, maintenance, and renovation projects.

With the capital budget accounting for between 10% to 20% of the life-time physical cost of an asset, Carleton is focused on improving the long-term management of their buildings. A robust set of BIM specifications will enable their FMP team to collect the data they need to operate the buildings as designed, maintain them efficiently and effectively, and contain spiraling maintenance costs.

“By creating a set of pragmatic BIM requirements for our future projects, we hope to gather the BIM and other associated data that the facilities team needs to manage the building over its 50-year life cycle,” said Gary Nower, Assistant Vice-President (Facilities Management and Planning) of Carleton University. “Summit BIM has extensive experience, a well-thought out methodology, and a strong team to support our internal team.”

Summit BIM will work collaboratively with the team at Carleton to assess the current state, design and develop BIM specifications for Design and Construction partners, and develop a process to turn over buildings to facilities management and their data into the FM enterprise system.

“We look forward to working with Carleton University,” said Geraldine Rayner, Managing Principal, Summit BIM. “We have worked widely with Building Owners and their FMO teams in Canada and have a deep understanding of what their specific BIM needs are and how to design for them.”

Carleton University is a public comprehensive university in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Situated on unceded Algonquin territory beside the historic Rideau Canal, an official UNESCO World Heritage Site, Carleton University was founded by the community in 1942 to meet the needs of veterans returning from the Second World War. Today, Carleton’s proximity to government institutions, libraries, media and a thriving knowledge economy make Carleton a great place to learn and live.

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