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Creating a Structured Usable Model BIMPEP, Do’s and Don’ts

During my past webinar, I covered some important points in the planning of workflows to secure downstream uses of BIM. I outlined in a graphic the concept that the value of information increases as the graphical representation decreases during the life-cycle of a project. As promised, below are a couple of links for BIM Project…


Geraldine Rayner to speak at CSC Lunch

Summit Consulting Director, Geraldine Rayner will be speaking at the Constructions Specifications Canada Luncheon on March 12, 2015 at 11:30 am. Designed to be thought provoking, Geraldine will challenge currently accepted processes, encourage consideration of alternative electronic means of communication and ponder the benefit to be gained from being able to see through the paper…


Summit BIM working with Lark Group on the Aldergrove Canada Border crossing

Summit BIM is facilitating the extraction of data from the information-rich Revit models to enable the digital transfer of data for Facilities Maintenance and Operations. In addition, Summit is working with the Lark Group and sub-trades to collect and collate all the additional documentation and data, typically assembled as paper in binders, in a digital…


Top 3 Trends for BIM in 2015

As 2015 starts, people like to pull out and dust their crystal balls to identify what will be the biggest trends for BIM. On our end, we see the convergence of many exciting technologies. We can expect that many of these will improve productivity. The following are my best guesses (Edwin’s) for the coming year…


Evolving technology and project management will be explored

This article was authored by Shannon Moneo. It originally appeared in the Journal of Commerce on February 19, 2014. You can view the original here. While some construction companies may not realize it, harnessing digital data will become crucial to their productivity and success. At Buildex Vancouver, two experts in the use of digital data,…

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