Practical applications of Dynamo

Practical Applications of Dynamo

Edwin Guerra, BIM Consultant and Dynamo expert, will introduce the new features available in Dynamo 2.0 as well as some of it’s practical applications such as: Automatically generating 3D views from rooms. Exporting schedules. Automating workset assignment. Dynamo is an open-source platform that enables users to employ computational design and coding with Revit.  

Upgrade old Dynamo

Upgrading Old Dynamo Files

This article describes the steps and best practices when upgrading to a new release of Dynamo. Best Practices: Name your files with a prefix that indicates what release you used (2.0 at the time of writing). If you use external packages, create a group by right clicking the node, name it the name of the…


Exporting Multiple Revit Schedules to a Spreadsheet at Once Using Dynamo

This article describes how to use Dynamo to export multiple schedules at once. Exporting schedules can be tedious using the traditional Revit export dialog. If you have to export more than a couple of schedules at regular intervals during design, this can be a great opportunity to use Dynamo to automate. Like Google likes to…


Filtering Elements in Revit Using Dynamo and the List.FilterByBoolMask Node

Filtering is necessary when using Dynamo to select elements. For example, if we were looking for all exterior doors in a project, we would use Dynamo to grab all the doors in a project and then filter down the ones that have the type Function parameter set to Exterior. Similarly, you may want to filter…


Using Dynamo to Access Elements Through a Linked File

A common scenario is that you would like to manipulate elements in Revit via Dynamo, but the elements you want to access or manipulate are in a linked file. To access elements through a link you will need to use external packages archilab-grimshaw and steamnodes. To review installation of an external package in Dynamo review…


Using Dynamo to Automate Assigning Worksets by Category in Revit

Worksets can be set up to break up a large file and allow others to load only the parts they need to work on which improves software performance. For example, an architect may place all curtain walls in a workset so that Structural can create a workset with the same name and turn it off…


Installing a Package in Dynamo for Revit

If you have downloaded a Dynamo script from someone else, it is likely that it is using an external package. Sometimes these appear as broken nodes. Ideally, the script author will have clearly noted which package is needed. In this case it is necessary to download an external package. Even if you are starting from…

Complex Roof Using Dynamo

Framing a Complex Roof Structure Using Dynamo

These days, architecture is getting bolder and more wavy. As a result many structural engineering firms are having to model in Revit against this bold architecture. To say the least, it can be quite challenging and time intensive to model curved structural framing members that correctly follow complex forms. It can be even more frustrating,…

Dynamo for the 99% – Selecting objects a different way

In the last post I showed how to create a simple Dynamo definition to select all rooms in a model to change their properties in one go. Selecting objects is the first step to do other interesting and useful things like filtering elements to later manipulate them. This post describes a different way of selecting…

Dynamo for the 99% – Select Rooms and Modify Parameters

Dynamo for the 99% will be a series of posts highlighting the use of Dynamo for practical data manipulation or time-saving tasks that could apply to most Revit users. I recently received an email asking how I had manipulated some room information in my webinar earlier this year. At the time I was living on…

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