FMI Report

Summit BIM Launches Intuitive, Actionable BIM Data Report

Summit BIM introduces the FMi Report, an interactive PDF that allows all project team members to easily access their consolidated building data set. Data and documents are continuously generated by all members of the design and construction team, leading to huge data sets, spread over multiple different locations, that require different specialized software to access…


BIM in Real Life – The Learning Gap

It has been roughly ten months since I graduated as an undergraduate in Civil Engineering. Ten months since I joined Summit BIM. And, ten months of eye-opening experiences as I have witnessed first-hand how technology advancements can reshape even the most traditional of industries like construction. Learning is a lifelong process. Yet, we expect our…


Carleton University selects Summit BIM to develop BIM Specifications

Summit BIM is pleased to begin work with the Carleton University to develop BIM specifications for their future construction, maintenance, and renovation projects. With the capital budget accounting for between 10% to 20% of the life-time physical cost of an asset, Carleton is focused on improving the long-term management of their buildings. A robust set…


FMO and the BIM process – Where is the ROI?

Building Information Management (BIM) is embedded in the design and construction industry but remains vastly underutilized by Owners and their Facility Management and Operation (FMO) teams. While the design side has some Return on Investment (ROI ) metrics in place – technology costs weighed against process improvements – and a decade of experience to assess…


Critical factors in generating high quality BIM data

Architects, engineers, and contractors have been working with data for years. What is new is the many ways that the industry has to capture, apply, and tie the data together from the design of a facility all the way to the management and maintenance of it. This new reality imposes new rigour. The move away…

Burnaby Hospital Redevelopment

Summit BIM selected as the BIM Consultant on the Burnaby Hospital Redevelopment project

Summit BIM is delighted to have been selected by Fraser Health as the BIM Consultant for the Burnaby Hospital Redevelopment project. In this role, Summit BIM will assist Fraser Health in maximizing the potential of BIM on the project by capturing asset information in a consistent, digital format for use throughout the facility’s life cycle.…

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