Digitally capture all the information you
need to operate your facility during
design and construction.

Keep your building information digital

Don’t spend time duplicating data entry. Summit BIM’s digital asset information management processes progressively capture the information for Facilities Maintenance and Operations throughout design and construction. You focus on operational readiness; we’ll focus on data collection.

Effortlessly collect building information

Does your team waste time keying in binders of building information?  Summit BIM can help. Collect critical asset information from the project start. From specifications to warranties and everything in between, asset information is linked to design data in an easy-to-use common data environment (CDE) that is ready for transfer to your CMMS at handover.

Start right

Get your project up and running fast. We will introduce data collection processes and tools to the entire project team. From onboarding to extracting design data and monitoring data progress to issuing reports, we are here to help at every step.

Set FMO requirements

From reference data like specifications to activity records like warranties and operational status – you need a lot of information. We’ll help you identify what information is critical at the outset and plan how and when to collect it so you get what you need.

Project data at your fingertips

With access to project data on a web-based platform or via an interactive PDF, no matter how technically adept you are, you can view and manipulate your project’s data without damaging the underlying structure.

Stay on track

Healthy projects deliver expected outcomes. Ongoing project tracking shows you the data and documents that have been uploaded, highlights priorities, and spots potential bottlenecks. You always know what needs to be worked on next.

Plan for operations

Give your FMO team access to audited, structured asset data in a centralized database during design and construction. Say goodbye to receiving all the information at handover, boxes of binders, and monumental learning curves.

Transfer data

Transfer data from Design and Build to FMO seamlessly. With Summit BIM’s common data environment, critical asset information is tied to design data in a single platform and is ready for transfer to your CAFM/CMMS at handover.

We help clients with:

  • Data collection management
  • Asset registry
  • Asset Common Data Environment
  • Project onboarding
  • Project monitoring
  • Progress reports
  • Review and update scopes
  • Data transfer to CAFM/CMMS

Featured clients


“BIM has really changed how we deal with our asset information in Hospital Redevelopment Projects. These projects each bring thousands of new assets. We are interested in integrated BIM processes throughout the entire life cycle of the facility, from design, through the construction and on into operation and maintenance. With FMi [the asset database] and BIM in place, we save hours, effort, and costs by avoiding manual data collection.”


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Collect and access the data you need to operate your facility before handover with Summit BIM.