Collect all the information you need to
operate your facility with our proven BIM
process. Highly efficient, it promises to
progressively capture the information
for Facilities Maintenance and Operations
throughout design and construction.

One source of truth. Multiple perspectives.

We help you implement a structured BIM process, collecting information from participants more effectively than ever before, to create the data needed to maintain and operate the facility. At handover you can expect the entire project data set. This provides a robust foundation for facilities management. We can also help transfer the data to a CAFM/CMMS solution using a BIM or COBie workflow.


Data at the center

Align content with real information needs

FMO requires a lot of information. From reference data like specifications, equipment layout, and certification requirements to activity records that encompass data like warranties, and operational status – critical information must be identified at the outset if it’s to be collected.

Timing is

Late transfer of information, missing information or manual re-entry, delay start up, limit performance of operating assets, and make for an inefficient, costly process. Collecting data throughout the project life span allows FMO to develop preventative maintenance plans and build out operational readiness in a parallel process.

Pure data ready for facilities management

All data is captured in a single, unified platform BIMFMi. It ties critical asset information to design data in an easily accessible database that enable QA/AC protocols, maintains the complete audit trail, and is ready for transfer, in your preferred format, to your CAFM/ CMMS system.

Close the circle

It’s a daunting challenge: How do you get all the information your FMO teams needs in their hands at project handover? Our tested approach ensures that all project participants contribute to creating the data and documents in a single location – the BIMFMi solution – throughout the project. At project completion, having completed several test transfers, we will help you transfer the digital information to your CMMS.

Control the quality of the data and documents

A well-structured BIM process will allow you to understand exactly what you will have to manage prior to being responsible for doing so.  Data extracted from the design models will provide not only an Asset Registry, but also provide parent/child relationships and system hierarchies.

This base information, verified with the construction team, is then built upon, linking all data and documents, typically buried in maintenance manuals, to the relevant assets.  Early access to this audited, structured information provides the opportunity to develop robust preventative maintenance programs early.

Understand not only what, but how and who you will need to manage your facility prior to substantial completion.

Get projects up and running fast

Collect data from your entire project team from the start. We will provide a structured onboarding process to using the BIMFMi solution. From extracting design data, creating accounts for assigned trade upload of data and documentation for FMO to monitoring progress and issuing reports, our team is on hand to help.

Track project health

Healthy projects deliver the outcomes we expect. On an ongoing basis, we assess the upload progress of data and documents to ensure that the project remains on track. Reports to the Owner and construction team highlight upcoming priorities and issues that can hinder the process of access to data. We also review and update scopes during the construction process due to changes in design.

Create productive relationships

We work together with your team to ensure your requirements are being met. We will be there for FMO meetings to provide support on data and document requirements during the PM generation process; we will help you identify parent-child relationships; and, we will be there to define strategies to collect key information. Ongoing communication and insight into the process, ensure your success.

Transfer data seamlessly

Create a seamless process to transfer data from the design and build teams to FMO. Data is amalgamated in the cloud-based BIMFMi platform for a single trusted view of the information. The information can also be viewed in an interactive pdf, similar to a database, that contains all data collected from design models, and construction data and documents from trades. When you are ready, we will help you transfer this information into your CAFM/CMMS using a BIM or COBie workflow.

Vancouver Coastal Health

“We have been working with Summit BIM since 2017 and BIM has really changed how we deal with our asset information in Hospital Redevelopment Projects.  These projects each bring thousands of new assets.  We are interested in integrated BIM processes throughout the entire life cycle of the facility, from design, through the construction and on into operation and maintenance. With FMi and BIM in place, we save hours, effort, and costs by avoiding manual data collection. "



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