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Creating Extensions in Bar/Angle Joist Elements & Displaying the Family Member in Plan View in Revit


When using bar joists structural framing members, there is an occasional need to model extensions. This screencast describes how to use structural framing beam extensions and how to ensure the correct visibility of the extension in plan view.

First, by turning on the analytical visibility from the view control bar, we are able to more easily determine the start (green) and end (red) of a beam or column member. We can use this to type in the required extension value in the instance property start/end extension settings of each element.

One common problem occurs is that in plan view, due to the structural beam cut-back settings: The line may not display correctly for the entire extension. To fix this:

  1. Select the joist.
  2. When the blue dot at the end is visible, right click and select Disallow Join. This will force the line representation to extend properly.
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