Data Matters Podcast

About the Podcast

Data Matters, presented by Summit BIM, a Building Information Management (BIM) consulting services provider, and hosted by Managing Principal Geraldine Rayner, is a podcast series aimed at providing a holistic overview of the digital process that is BIM, especially from the perspective of policy, process, technology and change management, factors highly relevant to those who commission and pay for the project. Quite apart from the costs inherent in the design-build phase of the project, owner/operators are under tremendous pressure to reduce the lifetime cost of their buildings.

With over 30 years of experience personally in the AEC industry, the past 15 or so committed to direct application of BIM, Geraldine is passionate about unlocking the value of building data. The podcasts draw on the experience gained by Summit BIM through providing BIM consulting services, supporting Owners as they transition from a paper to a digital process.