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Dynamo for the 99% – Select Rooms and Modify Parameters

Dynamo for the 99% will be a series of posts highlighting the use of Dynamo for practical data manipulation or time-saving tasks that could apply to most Revit users.

I recently received an email asking how I had manipulated some room information in my webinar earlier this year. At the time I was living on the edge of Dynamo, using custom dlls that allowed me to manipulate Revit system families (which at the time was not allowed out of the box).

With the latest release of Dynamo 0.7, there are a number of improvements including the ability to select and manipulate Revit elements. I have found some nodes that don’t work, but in general the image below shows the general recipe to select all rooms in a project and modify a parameter for all of them.

It is very time consuming to select all rooms and modify them so this is an optimal candidate for a Dynamo script.In my webinar I showed how you could increase the Limit Offset parameter, which is a step required if you want to get accurate room volume calculations for things like energy modeling. Please note that Dynamo is interacting through the API, so length units (internal units) are feet by default.


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