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Dynamo sample scripts


At the recent Dynamo webinar I promised a few scripts to share: dynamo01

  • Simple  Door category count – You really wouldn’t need this, but it is a good starting point to get familiar with commonly used nodes for reading information from a project as demonstrated in the next two scripts.
  • Export to Excel – Potential workflows of exporting some Mechanical Equipment and properties to Excel for external review by a non-Revit user.
  • Color by Length – A handy script to help visualize information that is often not easy to access visually in Revit except by labour intensive VG filters setup. Longest duct runs in red, medium in yellow and shortest green.
  • Download all in one zip file

These simple scripts can be further customized to support multiple discipline workflows. For example, the category can be switched easily and the parameters likewise. Hope you enjoy and let me know if it is helpful!

PS- I noticed the website also has very decent documentation of the latest release. It is worth checking out.

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