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Exporting Multiple Revit Schedules to a Spreadsheet at Once Using Dynamo


This article describes how to use Dynamo to export multiple schedules at once. Exporting schedules can be tedious using the traditional Revit export dialog. If you have to export more than a couple of schedules at regular intervals during design, this can be a great opportunity to use Dynamo to automate. Like Google likes to say: Don’t hate, automate!

  • Collect the schedules you want to export using Dynamo. In this example, we are presuming that we don’t want to export all schedules in a project, but only those that have a pre-defined prefix of our choice. The easiest way is to use the All Elements of Type node and feed it the Schedule Views (Element Types node) from the project.
  • Use the List.FilterByBoolMask node to use the defined prefix to reduce the entire set of Revit schedules to those you are interested in exporting.
  • Generate a list of file paths by combining the start of the path and schedule prefix, the schedule name and the file extension (.csv for comma separated values).
  • Use the ScheduleView.Export node and configure settings using the ScheduleExportOptions.ByProperties node.

The following video describes the entire process. Sample file for download here (Dynamo 2.0).

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