Take ownership of your asset data from design and construction through handover.

Manage, collect, and take ownership of your asset data

BIMFMi - a centralized, cloud-based platform - allows project members to organize, upload, and link asset information to BIM data during design and construction. As the single source of truth, it creates a complete dataset ready for transfer to your CMMS at handover. Say hello to real-time building data and goodbye to duplicate data entry.

Get data for your building's life cycle

You don’t have to switch between multiple models and files to understand your building’s data. Bring data and documents from BIM models and trades together in a common data environment for rich insights into your facility, improved coordination and communication, and robust QA/QC. You will also receive a complete dataset that supports FMO at handover.

A PDF report with a building model in the background

Your data in one place

Bring data from multiple models and teams into a single workspace. Allow your team members to view the entire consolidated data set or just the data they need to work with. Then, have them upload the data and documents they’re responsible for. They will always know what they must deliver and when.

Explore your data

Toggle between individual models or federated models in 3D to view assets in situ, identify design intent, and understand relationships for maintenance. Only want to see one data type? Switch to list view. Manipulate the information as you need without changing the underlying data.

Know what you will be managing

Need visibility into what you will be managing? Start developing the Asset Registry in the early stages of design. PDFs like operations manuals, metadata like asset numbers, and photos like sequence images during construction – are available to you as they are uploaded.

Track progress

Monitoring project progress can make all the difference between success and failure. Real-time dashboards allow you to view and monitor the build-up of data by trade. You can also prioritize collecting specific information so that you have the data to drive downstream processes.

Improve data quality

Spot issues before they cost you. Robust QA/QC audits during design allow you to zero in on details typically spread across multiple drawing views, find data inconsistencies, and take action as needed. Not a technical user? Drill into the data with an interactive PDF.

Eliminate asset turnover time

Receive a complete dataset that supports facilities management and operations on day one in Excel, in the cloud, or directly in your CMMS. No lag time. No manual re-entry of information. No missing pieces of data or documents.


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