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Geraldine Rayners Leads the CanBIM Development, Asset Management, and Lifecycle Think Tank


Geraldine Rayner is excited about the future of BIM for Building Owners, and her passion is contagious. As Chair of the CanBIM Development, Asset Management, and Lifecycle Think Tank, Geraldine said at the 2020 CanBIM AGM that the group was, “Focused on Owner-led BIM rather than design or construction-led BIM. The goal is to educate and expand the thinking of Owners and their industry partners to view BIM as a process-driven activity rather than a software-driven activity.”

Together with her co-chair, Patrick Saavedra, Director, Architecture, Engineering and Design, York University and the other Think Tank members, they hope to establish a common set of BIM definitions and terms to be used within the Canadian AECOO industry and establish the foundational questions that Owners should have answers to prior to issuing an RFP with a BIM deliverable.

Watch the CanBIM AGM showcase below to learn about what the Think Tank hopes to address this year and how the various industry groups will work together. You can also find more information on industry Think Tanks on the CanBIM website.

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