Build momentum and get results with a managed approach to your BIM implementation.

Effectively implement your BIM strategy

At Summit BIM, we help you implement, manage, and audit your digital information strategies from start to finish. We use structured BIM processes to help your project team improve quality, save time, and build good data practices into your workflows.

Manage the BIM process

Make sure your team gets what they need to hit the ground running. From kickoff to sign-off, we bring practical experience from projects across Canada to implementing your BIM standards and processes.  Continuously assess data quality, mitigate errors early, and explore possibilities for improvement with our team.

Complete model audits

Checkpoint ahead. Frequent reviews and model audits - tied to existing project phases - ensure that the data created is as expected, accurate, and consistent. Comprehensive model audits assess model health across five main categories: Model Consistency; Asset Extraction; Asset Location; Asset Classification; and Data Clarity.

Create an Asset Registry

Know the location and status of assets even before handover. As design draws to a close, we help you extract the Asset Registry from the model to identify what needs to be maintained by FMO. Housed in a common data environment (CDE), your Asset Registry lays out what, when, and how information needs to be collected during construction.

Track & resolve data issues

Don't let data issues derail your project. We proactively identify and track issues - in an auditable problem log - so you solve issues early. Doing so reduces rework and allows you to adjust processes where needed. With Summit BIM, you know that the data will meet its stated goals and uses and provides value through design.

Reduce risk

Solve potential issues before they become problems. A managed BIM process helps you identify clashes, issues, and errors at the early stages of the project. Resolving issues digitally rather than onsite reduces risk and ensures you meet project milestones on time.

We help clients with:

  • BIM RFI support
  • BIM project management
  • Project mentoring
  • Risk management
  • BIM compliance audits
  • BIM compliance reports
  • Nomenclature checks
  • Data Geometry Specifications (DGS)
  • Asset registry

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“To many people, Building Information Modeling is synonymous with 3D modeling. But BIM goes deeper. Like an iceberg, 90% is below the surface and this is where the true value lies, in the data that drives the process. Exposing and using this data allows BIM to reach its full potential.”


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