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Purge Unused Text Types


Deleting unused text types in Revit can be a real pain. Purging does not always successfully delete text types that aren’t used, so what do we do? You guessed it: Dynamo to the rescue. In a recent project, we used dynamo to try and find where rogue text types were being used.

The advantage of using Dynamo is that it reveals text used in Legends, which are normally missed if you just use text in a view, right-click to select all elements in project to then delete. You would think that grabs all text types in a project, but it doesn’t. So we found the text being used in the legends and switched it to the office standard equivalents. Once we were sure these text types were not used anywhere, we ran the following script to force purge these unused text types. It works by basically comparing the text types available in the project, against all the instances that are used in a project. Those that are loaded, but not used, are then deleted. It is like a purge, but specifically for text, so feel free to load it up on your Dynamo Player list.

The following definition relies on clockwork and steam nodes packages to rid your project file of these text types that are cluttering up your project.

Check out the Dynamo (v.1.3) definition HERE.
NOTE: Run in manual mode, and use with caution as it does delete elements. We are not responsible if you permanently ruin your multi-billion dollar project!

In a future post we will cover how to use Dynamo to expose all the text, its element ID’s and what specific view it appears in within a project. Have you found a more elegant way of cleaning up unused text types that won’t purge? If so, leave a reply below.

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