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Reporting the Type ID of an Element in Revit as a Project Parameter Using Dynamo

The Revit interface provides a button to report the ID of the selected element accessible under Manage tab -> Inquiry panel. However, the Type ID is not directly accessible. If we select in the Project Browser a specific Type or Family, an ID is provided but it is not the type or family ID. We can verify this by using the Select by ID button and noting that the Type is not selected.

To get around this, I created a simple Dynamo script which writes the Type ID to an instance parameter for Structural Framing families. By first creating a Project Parameter “TypeID” (integer), we are able to push this information back into the instance paramater of each element. After running the Dynamo definition, we are able to access the TypeID as an instance parameter and schedule it if needed.

Download the Dynamo script from attachments in my post on the Autodesk Knowledge Network.

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Edwin Guerra

Edwin Guerra

Edwin is a BIM Consultant with Summit BIM Consulting Ltd., a leading provider of BIM consulting services based in Vancouver, BC. Edwin brings to his projects advanced skills in data visualization, workflow development, workflow implementation, automation, research, project management and communication. He believes that there is great opportunity within the AECO industry to streamline processes and workflows to deliver high performance buildings.

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