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Summit BIM Launches Intuitive, Actionable BIM Data Report

A PDF report with a building model in the background

Summit BIM introduces the FMi Report, an interactive PDF that allows all project team members to easily access their consolidated building data set.

Data and documents are continuously generated by all members of the design and construction team, leading to huge data sets, spread over multiple different locations, that require different specialized software to access them. These disassociated datasets contain tens of thousands of assets. They are overwhelming if not consolidated into a central hub location and organized so that each group, required to provide information for facilities maintenance and operations, is only exposed to their specific relevant information.

While Summit BIM’s cloud based FMi platform consolidates the building data into single trusted location, the FMi Report takes it a step further and provides a documentation hub that requires no specific technical know-how to use. Using an interactive PDF, users are able to view all the data pertinent to them. Organized into bite-sized chunks, that data becomes easily navigable, logical, and relevant.

Providing access to the data in this controlled and structured format, supports QA/QC processes, the efficient generation of preventative maintenance plans, and the seamless transfer of information into CMMS / CAFM.

“There is a significant shift in the way we deliver and manage built assets” says Geraldine Rayner, Managing Principal, Summit BIM. “A data-driven approach to BIM has the power to not only improve project delivery but to streamline a rich data transfer to Facilities Maintenance and Operations at handover. The FMi Report is the next step in empowering teams to process their data quickly and improve the transfer of information.”

“As the owner of the building, transferring the data collected in BIM environment (FMi) during design and construction to our operation and maintenance platform such as CMMS is critical to utilize asset information throughout its life cycle,” says Wakako Kimura Thomson, Director, Asset Risk and Quality: Technical Services, Fraser Health Authority. “The “FMi Report” allows us to access hundreds of files collected in FMi in an easy to identify format in an organized manner. FMi Report will save us a lot of time and efforts in long run!”

Interested in seeing the FMiR report for yourself? Contact us. We would be happy to provide you with a truncated dataset to give you a glimpse on how you could use it.

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