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eTransmit for Revit

It is not uncommon to have to share Revit model files as part of a milestone submission. If you have linked DWGs/custom keynotes it can be a challenge to put together all the files and keep the links properly pathed. There is a useful add-in by Autodesk that helps simplify this situation called eTransmit for Revit.

etransmiteTransmit for Revit is a subscription benefit that generates a consolidated set of files in an output folder for sharing.

There are two different ways of accessing it depending on which version of Revit you are using:

2015 / 2014 / 2013 / 2012
You must log in to your Autodesk Account. On the left side you will see a bolded Product Enhancement link that will then take you to a long list. Once there you can CTRL+F type eTransmit and select your appropriate download based on your version.

Available through the App Exchange (must be logged in with a valid subscription account).

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Edwin Guerra

Edwin Guerra

Edwin is a BIM Consultant with Summit BIM Consulting Ltd., a leading provider of BIM consulting services based in Vancouver, BC. Edwin brings to his projects advanced skills in data visualization, workflow development, workflow implementation, automation, research, project management and communication. He believes that there is great opportunity within the AECO industry to streamline processes and workflows to deliver high performance buildings.

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