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PDF hyperlinks from Revit 2015 and later

A little publicized feature of Revit 2015 R2 is the ability to generate hyperlinked PDF document sets when using a hyperlink compliant PDF writer like Adobe Reader or Bluebeam Revu.

See 2015 R2 PDF Export Enhancements

Sample Document Set (.pdf) – Generated from a modified version of the Open Source Metal Building. Try it out and experience enhanced document navigation by being able to double click on a section and jump to it.

Just another reason to use the latest software!


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Edwin Guerra

Edwin Guerra

Edwin is a BIM Consultant with Summit BIM Consulting Ltd., a leading provider of BIM consulting services based in Vancouver, BC. Edwin brings to his projects advanced skills in data visualization, workflow development, workflow implementation, automation, research, project management and communication. He believes that there is great opportunity within the AECO industry to streamline processes and workflows to deliver high performance buildings.

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