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Upgrading Old Dynamo Files

Upgrade old Dynamo

This article describes the steps and best practices when upgrading to a new release of Dynamo.

Best Practices:

  • Name your files with a prefix that indicates what release you used (2.0 at the time of writing).
  • If you use external packages, create a group by right clicking the node, name it the name of the external package and decide on a color (my preference is green).
  • Include in all your definitions, a note on the top right that includes your name and the date that you last reviewed or edited the file, along with a description.

Steps for Upgrading:

  • Become familiar with the new release. The blog will usually have a post for every major release outlining the new features.
  • Download and install the new version of Dynamo.
  • Open up the old definition using the new Dynamo release.
  • Note any broken nodes, which should be red when you attempt to run.
  • If the broken node from an external package is now included as native functionality in the new Dynamo release, replace it and rewire the node.
    Tip: Pressing down CTRL as you drag the connector end, will allow you to reconnect to a different node.
  • If the external package is still necessary, use the Package Manager to install the external package. Note that many external packages will work in Dynamo 2.0 even if they were released for previous versions.
  • Test that your new Dynamo definition still works. If it doesn’t tweak further, otherwise, save with an updated prefix and update the information note node and any others listed in the Best Practices section above.

The following screencast illustrates the process of upgrading a file from 1.3 to Dynamo 2.0. Sample upgraded file here.


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