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Using Dynamo to Access Elements Through a Linked File

A common scenario is that you would like to manipulate elements in Revit via Dynamo, but the elements you want to access or manipulate are in a linked file. To access elements through a link you will need to use external packages archilab-grimshaw and steamnodes. To review installation of an external package in Dynamo review my previous article.

These packages will allow you to use the following nodes:

  • Get Documents (archilab-grimshaw package) To extract Link Instance and Link Document which are fed as inputs to the following node as a way of identifying which specific link you want to access.
  • Element.GetFromLinkedFile (steamnodes package) To return elements from the link when fed the previous two outputs as well as a Revit category.

The final output is Revit elements, which can then be treated as though they are in the host file.

A sample video here walks you through extracting level information from both a host and linked file using Dynamo. The sample file demonstrated in the screencast is available on the Autodesk Knowledge Network.

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Edwin Guerra

Edwin Guerra

Edwin is a BIM Consultant with Summit BIM Consulting Ltd., a leading provider of BIM consulting services based in Vancouver, BC. Edwin brings to his projects advanced skills in data visualization, workflow development, workflow implementation, automation, research, project management and communication. He believes that there is great opportunity within the AECO industry to streamline processes and workflows to deliver high performance buildings.

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