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Using Dynamo to Automate Assigning Worksets by Category in Revit


Worksets can be set up to break up a large file and allow others to load only the parts they need to work on which improves software performance. For example, an architect may place all curtain walls in a workset so that Structural can create a workset with the same name and turn it off easily when they link in the Architectural model.

One downside from using worksets is that they are normally manually set and maintained, which leaves room for error when a user inevitably forgets to update the workset before modeling. Thankfully, we can use Dynamo to automatically set up rules that will assign appropriate worksets based on rules, such as what category an element belongs to. In the following screencast, a user creates a workset and then runs a Dynamo script to automatically apply/assign the appropriate workset. The script can then be run periodically to bring worksets into compliance. The script uses the external package archi-lab grimshaw Workset and Workset ID nodes. If you need help installing an external package, be sure to check my previous blog post on that topic. Please note that the sample file used in the screencast is provided for download at Autodesk Knowledge Network.

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