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Using Revit Categories in Dynamo

OST Categories Revit

Dynamo OST CategoriesIn my previous Dynamo webinars and in my recent presentation to the San Francisco Dynamo User Group (SFDUG), I emphasized that when it comes to selecting elements, I like using the API built-in category names. The benefit is that you don’t have to scroll through a long node after closing and re-opening a Dynamo definition. For this purpose, I created a simple spreadsheet using the API documentation. From there, I created a simple Dynamo definition to extract the name (Category.Name) of the categories to write them back to the same spreadsheet. This can be really helpful if you don’t know what the OST_Category name of a specific Revit category is.

For example, who would have known that Reference Planes are OST_Clines? Similarly, there are other categories that create confusion, like: Specialty Equipment is OST_SpecialityEquipment

Download here (OST_Categories_Names.xlsx)

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