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What’s the Easiest and Quickest Way to Export Multiple Schedules from Revit?

Export Schedule

It is not uncommon these days to export schedules to share data from a Revit model. Specially now that you can schedule within links, the data can be very valuable for people who don’t use Revit, but need access to the information in the model.

If you have ever had to export more than a handful of schedules from Revit, you know the built in tools for doing so are extremely tedious. You have to open the schedule, then export each one at a time (as a CSV file!). One easy and painless way of accomplishing this task in one quick go is to use the Exceler8 Export Schedule which is part of the case-apps. If you remember, when case joined WeWork, they took the decision to open source their add-in tools for the benefit of the Revit community. So, they live in GitHub and support version 2015-2018 (at the time of writing). There are other useful tools which are part of the suite which you may want to check out, but this one which allows you to select and export to a spreadsheet all your schedules in one go is really slick.

To install and use:

  1. Navigate to the GitHub page for the project:
  2. Download the installer executable. Scroll down and click the installer file to download.
    Installer picture
  3. Run installer.
  4. Start Revit. Open a project.
  5. You will have two new tabs: Case Apps #1 and Case Apps #2.
  6. Click on Case Apps #2 –> Export Schedule
    Export Schedule
  7. Chose to either export as separate files or as one file with multiple tabs. You can check/uncheck individual schedules. Don’t you wish Revit had this out of the box?
    Add-in Window

In my testing it appears to work fairly well, although I had some issues exporting a Level schedule. Nonetheless, considering it is FREE and other paid add-ins in the App Exchange that do similar work go for $10+… well, it is just a great value and a true time saver.

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