Lead with strategy. Assess where you are today. Identify where you want to be tomorrow.

Set and achieve your business transformation goals

Connect your company goals to your BIM strategy to use the valuable information behind the model. Summit BIM’s proven approach to digital transformation helps companies adopt new ways of working, manage change, and meet their business goals.  

Get the BIM data you need

Whether you want to drive QA during design, reduce risk during construction or create a preventative maintenance plan, without clear goals and data standards, you won’t get the information you need to meet your business goals. Set a BIM strategy with our experts to get relevant, reliable digital asset data across the building lifecycle.

Create your BIM strategy

A successful BIM strategy reflects the specific information needs of your organization. We help you evaluate the current state, identify business and project goals, and develop the structures for a successful digital transformation. Engaging the entire project team including the design team, trades and FM Managers ensures that we consider what information lives beyond handover.

Set your requirements

Create clarity around the end deliverable with well-defined, detailed data standards. We help you set project goals and define workflows, processes, and protocols that are the base of your BIM Requirements. We also establish BIM Specifications - aligned with ISO 19650 and your specific needs - for inclusion in RFPs. Get your project team on the same page from the get-go.

We help clients with:

  • Business case development
  • BIM strategy
  • Risk analysis
  • Process definition
  • Asset Data Collection Specifications (DCS)
  • Data and Geometry Specifications (DGS)
  • Project Execution Plans (PEP)
  • BIM Requirements
  • BIM Specifications

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“BIM is a process that involves people, processes, policy, and technology. It’s the intersection of all four, and if you don’t address each one, you’ll fail your digital transformation." 


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